It’s Time to Take Out The Loan!

Delivering the Future of CurlingTakeOutTheLoan

Taking Out the Loan is in sight!  The Madison Curling Foundation needs to secure an additional $32,000 in contributions to make this happen by March 1, 2016.

Each of you can be part of the solution and join your club mates to eliminate our debt.  Please consider adding extra funds when you pay your dues or you may make a separate pledge.

Many long-time members have contributed generously in the past to help build, improve, and maintain our club. Now that our goal is so close, we should all join them in their committment to the Madison Curling Club. An extra $50 from each of our members would nearly accomplish this goal. Download and read more details in the TOTL Plan or make a separate pledge with the Take Out The Loan Pledge Form.

Now is the time to plan ahead, show our committment, and help Take Out The Loan and continue “Delivering the Future of Curling”.