Madison Curling Foundation

The Madison Curling Foundation is an operating foundation who makes direct charitable contributions to the Madison Curling Club to help pay for specific expenses. Individual charitable contributions with specific intentions for use are organized by the Foundation to ensure the funds are used as the donor intends. These can be used for upgrades to equipment in the icehouse, renovations to the club room including the kitchen and viewing area, exterior building projects, technological updates, junior curling grants, or other special requests. The Madison Curling Foundation’s commitment is to make sure these funds will be used in accordance with the donor’s intention.

Planned Giving

Many individuals establish wills, revocable living trusts, and irrevocable trusts as part of their overall estate planning. Giving to a favorite nonprofit organization such as the Madison Curling Foundation can be a convenient and tax savings option, while helping to ensure the Madison Curling Foundation can continue to impact future generations. This impact comes in many forms including providing a place to curl and opportunities to create lifelong friendships and memories through the game of curling.

Leaving a Legacy

Planned gifts of any size are a lasting way to make a difference for our members and our organization. The Madison Curling Foundation can accept legacy gifts in various ways, including:


A gift in your will designated to The Madison Curling Foundation either as a percentage of your estate or a stated dollar amount. These gifts can be in the form of cash or a stock, bonds, ETF’s or mutual funds transfer.

Remainder Trusts

The opportunity to transfer assets such as securities or real estate into a trust, which sells your asset tax free after providing you with fixed income for life or a specific number of years. When the trust period ends, the assets remaining pass to The Madison Curling Foundation.


The ability to name The Madison Curling Foundation as the beneficiary of funds from an irrevocable trust, life insurance policy, 401k, or other retirement plan.

IRA Charitable

Donors of a certain age are eligible to make charitable gifts directly from an IRA, with the charitable contribution deducted on your federal tax return.

Lead Trusts

The opportunity to fund a trust that makes gifts to The Madison Curling Foundation for a designated number of years and provides a charitable income tax deduction for the amount of the gift. After a fixed term, the trust assets are paid to the donor or donor’s beneficiaries.

How to Contribute

To add a contribution in your will or trust to the Madison Curling Foundation, reach out to your trust attorney or personal attorney. It is a simple amendment your attorney can take care of very quickly.

Planned gifts – large and small – are a lasting way to help the Madison Curling Club and the members who look at it as a second home. For sample language, more information, or to notify the Madison Curling Foundation of a planned gift, please contact one of the Directors.

Madison Curling Foundation c/o Madison Curling Club
4802 Marsh Road
McFarland, WI 53558

EIN: 39-1748424

Board of Directors

Ryan Witt
Vice President & Secretary

Troy Mayne

Rob Wixson