The Gilmore Piespiel – Nov 2019

Madison Curling Club Members,

The Scott Gilmore Piespiel Committee is happy to announce the details for this season’s event!  Please make plans to join us for this unique intra-club event, now including some new twists* like winning your money back and winners not having to run next year’s event!  Space is very limited (only 8 teams per event), so make sure you register your team right away. Contact Theran Michaelis at to claim your spot!

WHAT: The Scott Gilmore Piespiel 

WHEN:  Saturday, November 23, 2019

WHO:  2 Separate Events: 8 Teams of “5 & Under” players and 8 Teams with 50 points or less.

FIRST DRAW TIMES:  5U-Event: 8am;  50pt-Event: 10am (All games except event finals are 6 ends)

FOOD:  All pie-based foods for breakfast, lunch, dinner and of course dessert!

*FIRST EVENTS WINNERS:  $120 Payouts to both 5U and 50pt winning teams!

*FIRST EVENTS LOSERS:  Both 5U & 50pt teams combine to put on the 2020/2021 event.

EXTRAS:  Best Homemade Pie Contest & a 50/50 “Cold Draw to the Button” Contest

ENTRY:  $120/team plus two pies (pies for the contest must be homemade)


QUESTIONS:  Contact Theran Michaelis at


Posted by Allan