FAQ for End of 2019-20 Curling Season

The Board and Officers appreciate everyone’s understanding for the cautious step taken by ending the curling season on March 12th to help protect the health of all as we deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.

 New Member Dinner

The New Member Dinner planned for Wednesday, March 25th, has been canceled.  The Membership/New Member Committee will look for possible opportunities for socializing and bonding during the off-season.

Annual Meeting

 Because the current “Safe at Home” guidelines state that we are not to have events through April 24th, MCC cannot have its Annual Meeting as scheduled.  Therefore, the Annual Meeting originally scheduled for Wednesday, April 8th, is postponed.

The Board will monitor COVID-19 guidelines from the CDC and state and local government officials on an ongoing basis to determine the earliest possible date that we can have the meeting.  The Board believes it is important for club members to be able to attend in person to hear important updates on the club, the Centennial Celebration year and a possible Expansion survey.

The Board did consider live streaming of a meeting with only a small number of individuals in the room, but many members will not be able to join the meeting.

New Board Member Elections

Due to the abrupt end of the season, this year’s Board candidates have not had the opportunity to meet with members in a structured approach, including at the New Member Dinner.  In addition, the current Board of Directors is challenged to have in-person meetings, which hampers the ability to on-board new Board members. 

Because of these unprecedented and challenging circumstances, the Board is deferring the elections until such time that we have a rescheduled Annual Meeting, at which meeting the elected new members will be announced, and inducted that same evening. 

In the interim, elections online will continue through May 11th.  You can find the biographies and campaign summaries of the four candidates on the club website in the Member section.  It is important that you all take the time to vote for the future board members.  There will be in-person voting at the Annual Meeting as well as in the past.  Please contact David Cobb for any questions about online or in -person voting.

League Winners and Pins

The Games Committee is working with shift and league captains to evaluate if/for whom there is an opportunity to determine clear winners.  More information will be shared in time for the Annual Meeting.

Spring Club Clean-Up

Because of the limitations on no more than 10 people gathering at a time, this year’s Spring Club Clean-Up will be done by the MCC Board members.  The work will be done throughout April.

 We will need your help late summer for preparing the club for next season!  Date TBD.

 Lockers and Access during Off-Season

The MCC is officially closed now.

Again, because of the “Safer at Home” order, members need to wait until after April 24th (at this time) to access the locker rooms to get equipment. If you do not have a key card, you will be able to contact a Board member to work out a time to access the club after that date, unless guidelines change.

The beer and soda taps were turned off last week and unopened kegs returned to the vendor.

 Reminder: members are not allowed to randomly access the building April – September for socializing UNLESS you work to get the gathering on the curling club calendar.  Contact Mandy Hampton or Miranda Hofmann.  If the gathering meets Club Rental guidelines, you will need to also work with Nicole Bookhout for a formal rental agreement.

Summer Rentals

Half-Pint has canceled their spring event, but is currently scheduled to hold their fall event in August.  We will evaluate other rentals as needed based on CDC, state, and local guidelines.

Additional summer rentals in the ice house may be limited as the Ice House Committee is working on schedules for probable major work in there.  More information later.

Kosovec 2020 Golf Outing:  May 30th

See Club News for information and updates on this annual event, for which the proceeds go to the MCC Foundation.

The Board and Officers thank the MCC members for the opportunities to lead and guide the club and to be advocates for the curlers, the greater curling community, and the sport of curling.  We appreciate the support, feedback and suggestions that have been provided, which helps all of us to support and grow a quality curling club.

Thank you to all the volunteers and Jeff Schliesman, as well as vendors, and curlers from other clubs, who helped our club to be successful.  We’re fortunate to have great officers in our Foundation.

Posted by Erin Kapp