Looking Back on Madison Curling’s Olympic Legacy

Madison Curling Club is proud of its five members who will participate in the 2018 Olympic and Paralympic games in PyeongChang: Nina Roth, Becca Hamilton, Matt Hamilton, Kirk Black, and Justin Marshall. These athletes continue a legacy of Madison Curling Club being represented in Olympic curling, ever since the sport was first included in Olympic competition as a demonstration sport in 1988. Take a look back at some of these highlights from the past 30 years!

1988 Calgary (Demonstration)

Skip:                Lisa Schoeneberg
Vice skip:        Erika Brown
Second:           Lori Mountford
Lead:               Diane Brown
Alternate:        (Carla Casper)
Coach:            Steve Brown
1998 Nagano

Skip:                Lisa Schoeneberg
Vice skip:        Erika Brown
Second:           Lori Mountford
Lead:               Debbie Henry
Alternate:        (Stacy Liapis)
Coach:            Steve Brown
2002 Salt Lake City

Skip:                (Kari Erickson)
Vice skip:        Debbie McCormick
Second:           (Stacy Liapis)
Lead:               (Annie Swisshelm)
Alternate:         (Joni Cotten)
2006 Torino

Skip:                (Cassie Johnson)
Vice skip:        (Jamie Johnson)
Second:           (Jessica Schultz)
Lead:               Maureen Brunt
Alternate:        (Courtney George)

Paralympic team Coach: Steve Brown
2010 Vancouver

Skip:                Debbie McCormick
Vice skip:        (Allison Pottinger)
Second:           Nicole Joraanstad
Lead:               (Natalie Nicholson)
Alternate:        (Tracy Sachtjen)

Paralympic team Vice skip:   Patrick McDonald
Paralympic team Coach:       Steve Brown
2014 Sochi

Skip:                Erika Brown
Vice skip:         Debbie McCormick
Second:           (Jessica Schultz)
Lead:               (Ann Swisshelm)

Men's Team Alternate:    Craig Brown

Paralympic team Skip:     Patrick McDonald
Paralympic team Coach:  Steve Brown
2018 PyeongChang

Women's Skip:               Nina Roth
Women's Vice skip:        (Tabitha Peterson)
Women's Second:          (Aileen Geving)
Women's Lead:               Becca Hamilton

Men's Skip:              (John Shuster)
Men's Vice Skip:      (Tyler George)
Men's Second:         Matt Hamilton
Men's Lead:             (John Landsteiner)

Paralympic team:     Kirk Black, Justin Marshall

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