Curling Rentals

During the curling season, MCC offers on-ice curling instructional experiences.  This allows people to come try the sport for a fee per participant. No prior curling experience is necessary. If you would like to schedule a rental for the upcoming season, please use the Contact Us form and choose ‘Curling Rental’ in the dropdown.

Clubroom Use

The Clubroom may be used for a short gathering before or after any on-ice experience.  Please see the description of that space on the Facility Rental page.

If your group would like extensive or exclusive access to the Clubroom, you will need to pay the Clubroom rental fee in addition to the curling rental fee.  Otherwise, you may be sharing the space with other groups or members.


We supply the brooms and the shoe sliders, but each participant must bring an extra, clean pair of gym shoes or something similar. Flat bottom sneakers work best, leather bottom shoes will not work. Street shoes are not allowed on the ice. Warm and loose fitting or stretchy lint-free clothing is recommended. The ice house is roughly 40 degrees.


These group sessions are scheduled on the ice for 2 hours. We spend about 45 minutes on basic instruction then the remainder of the time is practice and game time. We provide volunteer instructors to assist at a ratio of about five group members to one instructor. There is plenty of room for spectators if your group includes people who choose not to curl. A deposit is required to reserve the date.

Cost per participant: $75
Facility Fee: $400*
Participant minimum: 12** Participant maximum: 48

*For use of the clubhouse meeting area for up to 3 hours before or after the curling event.
**Fewer participants may be accepted as long as 12 participants are paid for.

School Group Rentals

School groups are accepted at the discretion of the Rental Agent/Group Coordinator considering club events and resources.