Board of Directors

Madison Curling Club

The Board of Directors of the Madison Curling Club is formed of 9 elected members, each serving a 3-year term. Along with the elected members are several non-voting Officers including the Board’s most recent Past President, a Treasurer, Assitant Treasurer(s), and a Secretary. Members are voted in at the Club’s Annual Meeting in May each year and the Board appoints the Officers (with the exception of the Past President) at the following meeting.

2022-23 Board Members

Mason Tikkanen

Darryl Mataya

Angela Montgomery

Aaron Bertsch
Vice President

Andy Bernstein

Clarion Gilbertson

Dianne Boles

Kris Lund

Wes Simonis


Past President: Miranda Hofmann

Treasurer: Allan Veler

Assistant Treasurer: Adam Sasse

Secretary: Sara Easland