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We’ve been busy! Take a look to see what’s been going on at our club.

The Toories in “Capital Society”

by Anne Pryor Back in the mid-20th century, when The Capital Times newspaper was printed six days a week, the Madison Toories were featured at least twice each year. Two events, the winter Mixed Invitational Bonspiel, held jointly by the Toories and MCC, and the

Who Are/Were the Toories?

by Maureen Kind Today, the Toories are the women who curl in the Toories League on Mondays at 4:30pm. They have their own fine china dinner plates with the name Madison Toories imprinted in gold.  The name,

The Fowler

By Anne Pryor The Chester A. Fowler Memorial Trophy is one of several historic trophies on our club’s shelves. It marks the winners of the Fowler Event from 1950 through 1982, with later winning teams noted on a wall plaque hanging near the men’s locker room. Knowing some


Eight-Enders Anne Pryor, Emily Bartels, Maureen Kind Arguably rarer than golf’s hole-in-one, baseball’s perfect game, or darts’ nine-dart finish, eight-enders are curling’s perfect end.  Digging in the Wisconsin Historical Society’s archives, wefound this record of an

The Madison Curling Club Sign

by Anne Pryor As you walk from the parking lot into the clubhouse, have you ever paused to admire the dark blue metal sign that announces our club? Look carefully and count – eight stones are up there

2022 Mary Ann Jerred Curl vs. Cancer Bonspiel

A few openings remain – get in touch with Jennifer Krug ( to enter your team today. All participants must provide proof of vaccination to enter the club. Entry fee remains $240 per team or