Try Curling at our Holiday Open House!

Join us for our Holiday Curling Open House on December 21st from 9am to noon. We’ll introduce you the sport and include time for you to get on the ice and try it yourself!

While you’re here, we’ll teach you about the curling ice, equipment, warm-up and safety, etiquette, techniques for delivering and sweeping the curling rock, and the basic rules and strategies of the game. After we’ve completed instruction, you’ll have a chance to try it out yourself and play an end or two with other new curlers!

To ensure your comfort and safety on the ice, we suggest that you wear loose, comfortable clothing, and dress in layers. Please be sure to have a pair of clean, flat, rubber-soled shoes to wear on the ice. All other equipment will be provided. $20/person, children over 6 are welcome with parent/guardian.

Posted by Mandy Hampton