Volunteers Needed!

 Volunteers are the backbone of events, large and small, at the Madison Curling Club. The members listed for each committee on this page have volunteered their time to help our Club.  There are many opportunities for you to step up and be a part of what makes our club what it is.  Special events to look forward to this year include the Junior Nationals, Madison Mixed Bonspiel, and countless other week-day and weekend events. Please watch for future issues of Along the Hog Line and sign-up sheets posted on our bulletin boards to find ways of becoming more involved in the successful operation of our club. Thank you in advance for supporting Madison Curling Club events.

2011-2012 Committee Assignments

Men’s Curling:  Garret Perry/Steve Schally

Mansfield Event Chair:  Larry Baeder

Tuesday 4:30: Terry Cunningham

Tuesday 6:30/8:30:  Mark Swandby

Wednesday 4:30: Bill Buckingham

Wednesday 6:30/8:30: Jim Neidhart

Thursday 5:00: Stan Vinge

Thursday 7:00/9:00: John McAllister/Scott Reich

Women’s Curling:  Janet Crnich

President’s Cup, Tuesday 10:00:  Judi Page

Toories, Monday, 4:30: Susan Dukes, Alane Spatola

VICE, Thursday, 7:00/9:00: Nancy Powers

Special Events:  David Cobb/Garret Perry

Daniels and McNaughton, Sunday: Jake Gill, Dan Wiza

Botham and Waddell, Monday: Brent Ruhland

Leifer and Stevenson, Monday: Randy Blumer

Strobel and Ceilidh, Tuesday: Lori Mountford

Solheim, Wednesday: Jeremy Roe

Woody, Friday: Claire Cowan and Michael Pancook

Mixed and Senior Curling: Penny Clark

Lake, Friday: Dean and Diana Gettinger

WISCA: Mike Fonger

Thursday Seniors: Jack Jerred

Intraclub Bonspiels: Jeff Robinson

Drives Event: Dave/Rachel Nelson, Donnie/Courtney Henry

Fowler Event:  To Be Determined

Gilmore Event: Dave Brown and Craig Lee teams

Sauerkraut Spiel: Stan Vinge

USWCA All-American: Carla Lynch

Invitational Bonspiels: Steve Schally

Curl vs Cancer: Jennifer Rhude Krug

Halloween: Nate Carlson, Tim Hagen, Miranda Hofmann

International Cash Spiel: Mark Hartman, Jeremy Roe

Junior Bonspiel: Tim and Mary Funk

Madison Mixed: Richard Berling and Deesa Pence

US Junior National Championships:  Paul Incha

Social Events: Jeff Robinson

Ice Breaker: Li-Lin Cheng, Hiro Kobayashi

Lauren Kosovec Golf Outing: Mike Kosovec

Holiday GloSpiel: Ericka Balgord

New Member Appreciation Night: Claire Cowan/M.Pancook

New Year’s Eve Party: Mary Parker, Ed Sheffield

Steak Fry/Corned Beef Nights: Tony Wendricks, Steve Elmer

Summer Outing: Paul Ryan

Women’s Wine Tasting: Toni Swandby

Special Activities: Craig Cullum

Curling Clinics: Lori Karst

Junior Curling: Lester Boles, TBD

Saturday Pick-up: Beth Hilt, Jim Hoelzel, Dick Nawratil

School and Guest Group Coordinator: Craig Cullum

UW Mini-Course: Craig Cullum

Ice: David Cobb/Craig Cullum/Tim Ebert

Ice Making: Mike Fraboni, Al Hafeman, Don Kind

Directory and Calendar: Steve Schally

Club Calendar: Steve Schally

Committee List: Dae Jean Jahnke

Directory: Joel Dietz

MCC/USCA Membership Database: Joel Dietz

Finance: Garret Perry/Tim Ebert/Troy Mayne

Bonspiel License: Janet Crnich

Insurance:  Troy Mayne

Finance: Steven O’Connor

Madison Curling Foundation: Paul Matzke, President

Mortgage/Debt Reduction Committee: Rob Wixson

UW Program Sales: Carla Lynch

2011-2012 Raffle: Dan Lynch

Membership:  Janet Crnich/Jeff Robinson

Honorary and Life: Randy Blumer

MCC Clothing/Merchandise Sales: TBD

Name Tags: Star Pfiffner

New Member Photos: Mary Ann Jerred

Open Houses:  Mary Parker

Service Awards (Cottrell, Special Recognition): Tim Ebert

Sunshine:  Lucy Harr

Association Liaison: Tim Ebert/Troy Mayne

Badger Women’s Rep: Mary Parker

State/National Playdowns: Jeremy Roe

WI State Curling Association Rep: Rich Lepping, Mike Fonger

US Curling Association Pins: David Carlson, Toni Swandby

US Women’s Curling Association Rep: Judi Page

US Curling Association Board Members:

Craig Brown, David Carlson, Richard Maskel, Mark Swandby

Facility/Maintenance: David Cobb/Janet Crnich/Craig Cullum

Card Keys: Dan Lynch

Fall and Spring Clean-up: David Cobb, Janet Crnich

Kitchen/Club Supplies: Linda and Mike Fonger

Lockers: Mary Jo O’Connor, Steve Oakeson

Property/Repair: David Cobb, Don Kind

Vision Committee: Janet Crnich

Rental/Reservation Agent:  Carolyn Clow

Snack and Beverage: Randy Blumer, Tony Wendricks

Publicity and Awards: Troy Mayne/Jeff Robinson

Along the Hog Line Newsletter: Mary Ann Jerred

Banners:  Mark Hartman

Event Pins:  Steven O’Connor

Media Coverage:

Trophy Update: Ericka Balgord

Website: Paul Beebe, Steve Day, Mike Krajewski

Policies, Rules and Ratings: Penny Clark/Craig Cullum

Men’s Ratings: Bill Buckingham

Women’s Ratings: Penny Clark, Judi Page

Policy Manual: Dae Jean Jahnke, Tim Ebert

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